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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Everyone Who Can Bear to Know Knows

This photo of a starving polar bear dates from 2007, I think. (It's hard to find the original sources of photos that go viral, as this one has.) Who knows how many of these animals look this way now? I'm including it because my heart is well and truly broken by it and to explain why the nature of this blog is about to change (should you care).

I can't write anymore about the most important thing happening in the world now, that it's ending. Everyone who can bear to know knows. Nothing we can say to those in denial will break through their capitalism- or technology-will-save-us fantasies. If Naomi Klein, with her exhaustive documentation and crystal clear prose, can't persuade the literate, no one can. And the illiterate are drowning in a sea of broadcast lies. Now? According to the New York Times this morning, Mitch McConnell, soon-to-be majority leader of the Senate, has "vowed" to demand completion of the Keystone Pipeline and to limit the enforcement and impact of EPA laws. Two years of this? We don't have two days to waste.

So I'm going to write about writing, and reading, and maybe about going to movies. Not because I don't think about the rest, but because I do. Check in with me once in a while. I'll have some good recommendations for you.